Our Story

As a multidisciplinary American collective, we are inspired by the spirit of the prophecies and symbols that live in the soul of our continent.

“Back in the midst of history, human societies decided to go on two different paths. One was the path of the condor, which is the path of the heart, of intuition; the other is the path of the mind, of science, of the industrial;  two paths, two separate ways… It was prophesied that there would come a time, with the potential of the two coming together, for the Eagle and the Condor to fly in one sky, to dance in unison and create a whole new level of consciousness.”


Last year ALUNA, an awarded art piece inspired by the universal balance of the Arhuacan architecture and cosmology from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, became the first Colombian art piece to be part of Burningman. For the indigenous tribes of the Sierra Nevada,  Aluna represents the non-visible or spiritual world,  a space of pure thought, of ideas, a transcendental latitude from which everything in the cosmos is created. She is the spirit of what is to come,  she is thought, intention and memory. Our participation in last year´s Burningman opened a portal.

JAGUARA is inspired by the deep symbolism of the powerful spirit of the Jaguar, which represents, for most ancestral American tribes, the connecting force between the world of Gods and the world of men. A sacred code in the Jaguar´s rosettes hides a powerful message capable of changing our relationship with each other and our Mother Earth.

The Jaguar, the mighty messenger, embodies the wisdom of our ancestors of flowing with life in unity and harmony. This millenary cultural archetype connects us to the divine, to the spirit of nature, making the “invisible” visible. In a time where our trends of living are disrupting the balance of our planet and threatening our existence, JAGUARA comes to remind us of the essence of living in balance.  

Through an artful platform of lights and music we wish to raise awareness about the vulnerability of our most precious life supporting systems and about the critical moment we are living in now.

We hope to inspire people from all over the world to join the conversation, and from wherever their hearts and minds dictate,  become involved.


“When the eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, the spirit of the land, she will re-awaken.”
– Inca Prophecy


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