The Art Car

J A G U A R A was born in the desert, at Burning Man 2018. She brought textures, visions, ancestral chants, beats, and sounds from the rainforest to Black Rock City, and created an artful platform to deliver human interchange, create bridges and enhance human connections.

Foto sunset-bicis-Tomas.JPG

At daytime, JAGUARA´s metal structure blended beautifully with the desert sand, a robot-like Jaguara in tribute of this year´s I-Robot theme. The patterns from the rainforest and sacred geometry symbols that made up the main piece, Jaguara´s head emerging from the Amazon River, became golden with the desert sun shining through them. Sounds of nature, indigenous chants and tribal beats reminded us of the primordial pulse of the Earth that flows through us and everything around us.

JAGUARA hosted talks around subjects like habitat, climate, water, and medicine, enhancing the global learning platform initiated by our camp Playaskool, providing a bridge between the thought leaders of Black Rock City and the world. We wish to continue weaving the network of guardians of the jaguar, protectors of the rainforest, keepers of life.


At night our art car became an electro Latin music party featuring DJs, musicians, and performances from the counter culture movement in South America. Projections, lasers, and other effects enhanced the multi-sensory experience, it was a great party celebrating life and nature!

R O A R & T H A N K Y O U !

Follow us for the next steps…


Majestic Jaguara is roaring, a message from the jungle to the desert, beyond the depths of the river to the timeless Burning Man galaxy.